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In an ever-faster changing world, a key challenge is to adapt, train and educate effectively on a large scale in a short time.  

At WiXar we wanted to share our beliefs around immersive learning as an answer to this challenge.  That is what we are doing here too, by sharing as much information as possible about this mini revolution, which embraces broader realities (virtual and augmented reality) to support human learning.  

Here is a selection of articles written by our partners and ourselves so you can get inspired, respond, and help boost the positive impact of these technologies when used wisely. #techforgood. Enjoy reading and contributing!

Metaverse Learning

Online campus and virtual reality: the school of the future has arrived

Article from Le Parisien Etudiant ___ The technological leap is a reality in higher education. New tools are making their entrance, ready to revolutionize the way we learn.

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Metavers, what strategy for training organizations?

Article from Centre Inffo ___ In recent months, the deployment of metavers in the world of education has accelerated, [...].

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Forget the metaverse — Labster raises $47m to build the "eduverse"

Article from Sifted ___ Virtual reality learning and training is emerging as one of the areas of the metaverse with the most interest for investors.

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3 ways the metaverse can supercharge corporate skills training (eng)

Article from Fast Company ___ Metaverse mixed-reality learning modalities will be a business future-proofing game-changer, according to the CEO of Fierce Conversations.

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Sophia Technologies: First British Online Education Provider Enters the Metaverse

"The future of education is now. Immersive experiences, enabled by the virtual nature of the metaverse, allow [...]

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4 benefits of immersive learning

Innovative and revolutionary, immersive learning has 4 main benefits: [...]

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Story-acting with 360° VR for greater viewer focus‍

We can define memory as the retention of acquired information. Some forms of memory are more lasting than others as not all information is placed into ...]

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Successes Stories

11 years ago, Airbus used virtual reality for the construction of aircraft

The idea was to anticipate and perform difficult and sometimes dangerous technical tasks from the development stage. The virtual reality training allowed them to [...]

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Tech News

4 new VR headsets for Meta by 2024

Meta is reportedly planning to release four (4) new virtual reality headsets in the coming years to popularize its metaverse.

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Sales of virtual reality headsets doubled in 2021

Article from La Provence ___ Global sales are expected to exceed 50 million per year by 2026. The future of this industry will depend largely on the popularity (or not) of the metaverse.

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Qualcomm and ByteDance Partner to Develop XR Hardware and Software

Bytedance, Chinese giant and publisher of Tiktok, is partnering with Qualcomm to develop hardware devices, software platforms. The objective is to develop an [...]

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