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HR managers and trainers will find all the resources they need to understand,
train and deliver the best immersive training.

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You are a company,
your employees are your greatest assets so you need to cultivate their skills.

Grande entreprise

The most adaptable solution on the market

Start with a test (POC), then take control and train your teams independently. WiXar gives you control over your budget.

Support from A to Z when needed

Expert consultants are available at each step of your project, to ensure your success. Auditing needs, creating distribution plans, and more: our experts can manage everything at the start, and then hand over to you with comprehensive training.

Detailed interoperable data

WiXar offers a comprehensive dashboard (Qualiopi and Afest) to monitor the performance of your projects and learners. And if you want to import the data into your system, it's easy!

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As a training designer, quickly create your immersive training catalogue

Grow your business

Expand your training catalogue with WiXar and break into new markets!

Targeted support

We offer a unique way of working with training centres that truly meets your needs.

Build your VR catalogue

Use your business expertise to build your VR training catalogue thanks to our authoring tool with data that can be exported to your LMS (Qualiopi-compatible)

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Travail en équipe en entreprise

As a university or college, your students expect immersive learning

Salle amphithéâtre université

A Metaverse campus for teaching

A new learning method to supplement the support you offer students.

Give your teams independence with WiXar

Using WiXar SaaS guarantees you the independence of a secure authoring tool entirely made in France.

Analysis of results in your LMS

If you use Moodle or a similar LMS, supplement your learning tools and centralize your data

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What Is The Purpose?

Solutions that cover the entire employee career path!