Immersive learning use cases

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Onboarding and training scenarios

For a large company or organization looking to optimize its return on investment and effectively meet its corporate social responsibility obligations, the list of immersive training courses to be developed might look something like this, but it's up to you to add your own use cases. 

Examples :
- Risk Prevention and Accident Reduction: Identify and proactively manage risks to avoid high costs associated with damage and business interruptions. This training also reduces work-related accidents, thus cutting costs linked to work stoppages and potential litigation.
- Cybersecurity : Personal and Corporate Data Protection Training: Ensuring compliance with data protection laws, such as the GPDR, to prevent costly penalties and boost the confidence of customers and partners.
- Occupational Health and Safety: Dedicated safety training that promotes a healthier, more productive working environment, while reducing workplace accidents.
- Cybersecurity: Protecting the company against the growing risks of cyber-attacks to safeguard its assets and reputation, and to comply with data protection regulations.Sustainability and CSR: Aligning corporate practices with global sustainability goals to not only improve the company's image but also attract CSR-conscious investors.
- Professional Skills Development (Management, Communication, Leadership): Strengthen managerial and communication skills to directly influence company performance and effective team management.
- Professional Equality and Diversity: Invest in training that promotes diversity and inclusion to increase employee satisfaction and productivity, while enhancing the company's brand image.
- Mandatory Legal Training: Team-specific training essential for safety and compliance, such as equipment handling and management of hazardous substances.
- Foreign Languages: Crucial training in an international context to facilitate communication and international exchanges, prioritized according to the company's geographical reach and immediate communication needs.

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Virtual tours and business discovery

Virtual tour 4.0

Virtual tours have been reinvented. Enjoy an immersive game of location scouting. Users will discover genuine storytelling (places, people and values) in only a few minutes. It’s easy to create your tour thanks to WiXar’s dedicated templates.

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Business discovery

WiXar’s immersive technology can be used to recreate unique business-related environments. Users can experience it as a worker and understand the challenges. Particularly relevant for recruitment challenges.

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Welcoming new employees

Your new employees are your assets. Offer them an experience that will appeal from the start and get your messages across with more emotion: values, team spirit and initial reference points.

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First training courses

Knowing the place reduces the risks. Knowing the first steps reduces the training time on site. The first training capsules are simple and ultra effective!

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Soft Skills

Sales and management training

Your teams are the heart of your business. Training them effectively in the best soft skills tools enables them to deal with complex professional situations: negotiations, crisis management and more.

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Wellness and empathy trainings

Better working from home experiences, improved stress management, accepting differences, working on empathy, etc. Having employees who are aware of these issues allows everyone to express their full potential.

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Risk prevention and technical gestures Hard Skills

HSE Training

HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) challenges require the implementation of accurate and correct actions and behaviours. Situational awareness, contextualisation and visualisation are undeniable assets of any ambitious HSE policy.

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Process training

For many companies, processes are their lifeline. Those processes are often many and varied within the same company. We can help to rationalise the training of those processes and optimise the communication of best practices for your operations.

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