About WiXar

At WiXar, we are convinced that magic happens when the best of technology meets human passion.

Our mission?
To transform your digital experiences with immersive and powerful virtual reality solutions, enabling you to rediscover the joy of learning and exploring.

How WiXar Addresses Learning Challenges:
It is proven that in traditional training, only about 7% of the information is retained, whereas active, hands-on experience significantly increases retention and prolongs recall.
WiXar provides a simple tool to recreate a variety of complex situations in virtual reality, facilitating immersive learning. Our no-code software enables large organizations—whether enterprises or public bodies—to quickly internalize the skills needed to create and manage immersive (XR) training.
With WiXar, it becomes easy to create unique, contextual, and remote immersive training sessions, thus implementing risk-free practical learning while reducing costs.

Responsible and Ethical Commitment:
We are committed to adopting responsible and ethical digital practices, as evidenced by our pursuit of the INR label. This certification reflects our dedication to continually assessing and improving our impact on the digital realm.
WiXar is an inclusive tool, and we're proud of the fact that it's accessible to people from all walks of life, from highly qualified executives to those with no formal education.
By choosing WiXar, our customers, suppliers and employees benefit from an approach that respects our lives and the environment.

Meet Our Leadership Team:

Benjamin Atlani, Co-founder, Partner, and CEO:
With over 20 years managing digital projects, Benjamin is a veteran innovator and a passionate educator. A graduate in Economics from Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne with a master’s in entrepreneurship from ISC Paris, he has founded or co-founded four companies, including one sold to Groupe UP Chèque Déjeuner in 2010. Involved in immersive technologies since 2016, Benjamin brings depth of vision and experience, enriching every project at WiXar.

Baptiste Vion, CTO & Project Director:
Baptiste is the master of timetables at WiXar. His ability to understand client needs and manage projects daily while leading a team of computer scientists ensures that every project reaches its full potential under his direction.

Christophe Bernoud, Head of Sales:
Christophe has extensive experience in selling SaaS solutions to major accounts. His ability to empathize with client teams and anticipate their needs distinguishes him in the industry, making him highly appreciated by our clients.

Why Choose WiXar?
- Speed and Efficiency:
Design and manage your projects directly in VR with our unique design and spatial learning features in no-code.

- Future of Work:
Embrace the future with our advanced features enabling remote interactions.

- Autonomy and Innovation:
Our AI-enhanced tools empower your internal teams to become completely autonomous.

Client Support:
We pride ourselves on being publisher-trainers as we support our clients from the audit phase to autonomy, training them from A to Z with the best WiXar Academy certified training partners.

Research & development
For the past four years, our R&D team at WiXar has been engaged in a relentless quest for innovation. With dedicated researchers and a strong partnership with the IBISC research laboratory on the Plateau de Saclay, we have devoted over 30,000 hours to perfecting our platform.
Our goal was clear: to create one of the world's most advanced tools in our field. Every line of code, every feature, has been meticulously designed and developed to offer our users an incomparable experience. This dedication to excellence has been the driving force behind our progress, enabling us to stay at the forefront of technological innovation and deliver cutting-edge solutions to our customers. Every day, we make further progress thanks to the invaluable feedback from our many users, who inspire us to keep improving and pushing back the boundaries of what our platform can achieve.

Awards and Recognition:
WiXar has recently been awarded the Innovation Prize at PREVENTICA 2023; and had previously received the Digital Learning Trophy.

We are proud to be part of the #Impact and #Deeptech startup movements, particularly in the education sector, which requires substantial investment.

Our expanding team, based in Paris (Station F) and Aix-en-Provence, is ready to mobilize its best talents to make your projects a resounding success.

Join us in this human and technological adventure, where each project is a passion, and every client, a valued partner.

Discover how WiXar can transform your world by booking your demo now.