How are we different?

The WiXar platform came into being when we encountered virtual reality in 2016. Our team includes content creators, training specialists and business creators. At WiXar, we believe that education and training are the keys to improving companies and jobs. And for us, this means education where emotions are valued. And it works. For everyone.

At WiXar, we are proud that our tool is used by all types of people, from those who did not have the chance to study at school to highly qualified managers. #inclusion

WiXar brings together the best of all worlds. Our challenge at WiXar was to develop the best platform so our customers could manage their own immersive experiences in the most fun and efficient way. And that is what we have done. Our team of researchers are all based in France and have a background in R&D. They successfully blend the best of cognitive science and software to create our extremely fun and efficient DIY platform.

When you see the WiXar tool in action, that is just the tip of the iceberg. Behind every interaction and every feature, there is a set of coherent algorithms running simultaneously. Today, WiXar has a team of more than 10 people (60% engineers). Do you have vision and energy? Join us! We are recruiting for all roles!

Our creative, strong,
visionary team

Benjamin Atlani
CEO & Co-founder
Matthieu Rivière
Production director & co-founder
Vincent Rivalle
Business Developer & Co-founder
Baptiste Vion
Developer & Associate