Sophia Technologies: First British Online Education Provider Enters the Metaverse

Marc-Michel JOCELYN - Wixar
December 5, 2023

The future of education is Now. Immersive experiences, made possible by the Metaverse’s virtual nature, allows children to learn without realising it – this is the Holy Grail of education.”— Melissa McBride, Founder of Sophia Technologies

Sophia Technologies Ltd, a UK-based online school, today announced its partnership with The Metaverse Group. This partnership makes Sophia the first UK online education provider to enter the metaverse.

Education reinvented

From the beginning, this EdTech institution has held the top spot in the UK tutoring market, until the expansion of SophiaX online courses. More recently, they launched a full-time online school following the British curriculum, Sophia High School. Their mission is to provide a reimagined future of education that is reliable, convenient, safe and effective.

Why virtual reality training?"

Virtual reality is a great way to stimulate creativity, collaboration and communication," said Melissa McBride, CEO and founder of Sophia Technologies Ltd. According to her, this technology fosters critical thinking in learners because anything is possible in these immersive environments.

The founder recognizes the need to be proactive in moving away from the current system. It is essential to find more effective solutions. She said she is taking an exciting step with virtual reality and is excited to be part of an ecosystem that is shaping education in the metaverse.

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