Create and manage XR content on a massive scale

with WiXar, the AI-powered no-code dedicated to the enterprise that will boost your business processes thanks to spatial computing

Cuts design time by a factor of 4

- Did you know that a human being retains no more than 10% of a speech or training session? Fortunately, learning by doing has been proven to increase long-term retention.
- WiXar is the tool that lets you rapidly reproduce work situations in virtual reality, so you can simulate and learn faster and more effectively.
- WiXar is the only no-code technology that enables autonomous design of training modules, and cuts design time by a factor of 4 compared with all existing technologies (thanks to AI and spatial content creation).
>> Evaluate the effectiveness of your actions and those of your candidates or employees via advanced data analytics that can be connected to your tools.
>> Reduce training costs (less travel), eliminate impacts on production (temporary stoppage of machines during training) and collaborate remotely from design to training follow-up.

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Why use WiXar ?

Virtual reality at your fingertips

Creative tool. Intuitive & no code.
No need to be a specialist:  easy to create and update.

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Fully customisable
to your needs

To generate interest, talk to your audience about themselves.Full contextualisation.

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Create your
projects quickly

Thanks to the automated
main scripting functions

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Manage and clone projects in minutes, get feedback from thousands of users in a few clicks, and more

Who is WiXar for ?

You are a

Discover how to bring out the full potential of your people faster and more efficiently.


You are a
training designer

Discover how to integrate WiXar
in your offer and boost your activity.


You are an
Educational Actor

Discover how to turn your educational content into memorable and enriching experiences.


Immersive learning is fun and quick to roll out

Create projects in minutes with WiXar.
- Create your serious games and "gamify" the experience with adaptive learning.
- Our researchers have simplified the entire virtual reality authoring process by developing algorithms that automate previously lengthy processes.
- Whether you have 10 users or 50,000, the WiXar cloud adapts in real time.
- Your WiXar LMS will provide all user data so you can track their progress in real time.Find out more

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A collaborative mode that opens the way to the HR metaverse

- Immersing several people in real time creates a sense of presence that fosters engagement. For example, you can welcome a new employee with an immersive collaborative game and immediately create a sense of belonging... even when working from home!
- All the features are there: avatars expressing emotions, live multi-platform access, and meeting rooms.
- Even training course designers can work together in the WiXar Creative Studio live from anywhere in the world.
- Welcome to your metaverse dedicated to human learning.

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XR expertise and support

A comprehensive platform and range of solutions for HR managers and trainers.
- WiXar is a team of experts who have specialised in immersive learning since 2016. We come together to offer you the best of both worlds: all-in-one SaaS and consulting, thanks to WiXar consultants and our network of partners providing support for your projects from A to Z.
- When you choose WiXar, you get the top specialists in immersive reality (XR)!

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Equipe d'experts en formation et en réalité virtuelle


At WiXar, we are proud that our tool can be used by everyone, regardless of whether they are highly qualified managers or did not have the chance to study at school. Using WiXar for equality issues:
- Promotes cohesion and integration
- Reduces the risk of discrimination/harassment
- Optimises performance by promoting diversity
- Improves the working environment and atmosphere

Why we exist?

Main features
of WiXar SaaS

Watch it

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Enrich 3D content with 3D objects, text, and 2D video. Add any type of content to improve engagement.

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Catch it

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Focus the user's attention by asking them to 'catch' particular elements in 3D content. 95% of users search and engage.

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Say it


Voice recognition is a valuable asset in VR, both for the creator and the end user. The AI tool enables the creation of virtual conversations.

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Answer it


All types of quizzes can be customised as much as you like. Whether text or photo quizzes, calibrate your questions to ensure your messages are understood.

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Detect it


Set traps and ask users to detect compliant or non-compliant areas. Also analyse how accurately your learner follows processes.

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Score it


Evaluate your learners by adding a score to their answers. Data can be consulted later in the WiXar web editor or exported to your LMS.

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Our Partners

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World class dashboard

Network, explore new ideas, or join
a project that’ll 10x your self-growth.

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Wixar dashboard with exportable analytics data
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Tableau de bord des projets sur le logiciel Wixar






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They talk about WiXar

“Candidates answer by clicking on the chosen object, as if they were there. All customers have access, via a platform, to an editable scenario built around an immersive experience, whether in training, recruitment, communication or a discovery journey."

France 3
Estelle Mathieu
Journaliste France 3

"For the production of our immersive experiences, we chose the ‘turnkey’ package which includes the design, filming and editing of the various scenarios with gamification. This service allows us to meet all of the requirements we have formulated. We are very satisfied with the final production, which allows for a 360° immersion that is both educational and entertaining."

CCI Nice Côte d'Azur
Angelique Folgoa
Chargée de projets portuaires CCI NICE Projet GritAccess

"What is interesting is that WiXar specifically targets people with little or no skills, for whom these tools are proving extremely effective. For example, it’s particularly well suited to a maintenance worker who needs to change their routine to accommodate COVID and go to areas where disinfection is required."

BFM Business
Christophe Jakubyszyn
Journaliste BFM Business

"The option of working with several people remotely in the same scenario removes the usual feeling of solitude with VR."

La Provence
Marguerite Degez
Journaliste La Provence
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World class dashboard

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Add integrations that power your business

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Put the spotlight on the main features

Create powerful solutions today.

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Easily customised to suit your team.

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World class development.

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