11 years ago, Airbus used virtual reality for the construction of aircraft

Marc-Michel JOCELYN - Wixar
December 5, 2023

11 years ago, the European aircraft manufacturing giant was already using virtual reality in the manufacture of its aircraft. According to Gérard Lignon, director of the Saint Nazaire site at the time, this immersive technology was a valuable asset.

Virtual reality training for workers

The idea was to anticipate by carrying out technical, difficult and sometimes dangerous tasks from the development stage. The training in virtual reality allowed them to anticipate potential issues. This training methodology had the advantage of virtually preparing workers to carry out various operations. Airbus also used this immersive technology to discover the work environment.

The benefits were considerable. The virtual reality training allowed them to save time and control their costs. Also, because the learning experience was more engaging and emotionally based, the training of workers was faster and more effective.

Source: TéléNantes

Virtual reality at AIRBUS (St Nazaire)

A new virtual reality center tested at AIRBUS in Saint Nazaire. (RIGHTS RESERVED. For any exploitation on TV, web, mobile, go to http://wizdeo.com/s/banqueimages )

Today Airbus bets a lot on the mixed reality

In 2022, the European aircraft manufacturer wants to use massively augmented reality. Noting the benefits brought by immersive technologies.

Airbus established today a partnership with Microsoft. The company wants to increase its production capacity considerably but also more quickly. Also, it has identified more than 300 operations in which the HoloLens 2 technology would be useful.

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