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They talk about WiXar

"The metaverse, this virtual world, offers a number of very concrete applications, particularly in the field of training. For all the jobs that require face-to-face training, it is rare and often difficult. You have to listen to a speaker, locked in a room. With the metaverse, we change our universe. "It's a new way of looking at training," says Benjamin Atlani, co-founder of Wixar. Read the article

Journalist Destimed

WiXar collaborates with the 1st Metaverse Academy in Marseille. A project in partnership with Simplon and Meta and supported by the Region Sud PACA. Read the article

Alexandre Vella
Journalist 20 minutes

“The candidate gives his answers with a click on the chosen object, as if he were there. Whoever the client is, they have access, via a platform, to an editable scenario built around an immersive experience, whether in training, recruitment, communication or discovery expedition.”

France 3
Estelle Mathieu
Journalist France 3

“For the realization of our immersive experiences, we have chosen the “turnkey” package which includes the design, the shooting and the editing of the different scenarios with gamification. This service allows us to respond to all the needs formulated. We are very happy with the final production which allows a 360° immersion that is both educational and fun.”

CCI Nice Côte d'Azur
Angelique Folgoa
Project manager CCI NICE Projet GritAccess

"Winner of the challenge of the port of Marseille Fos and the Maritime and Fluvial Union during the 3rd edition of the SmartPort challenge in 2021, the Aix-based company Wixar has imagined an immersive device to promote port and logistics jobs, and to put candidates and employers in touch." Read the article

magazine n°36, sept. 2022

“What’s interesting is that Wixar is specifically targeting people with little or no skills, for whom these tools are proving extremely effective. For example, a maintenance worker who needs to change their routine to accommodate COVID and go particularly to areas where disinfection is required, this is particularly well suited.”

BFM Business
Christophe Jakubyszyn
Journalist BFM Business

“The ability to collaborate with multiple people remotely in the same scenario thus erases the lonely feeling of VR.”

La Provence
Marguerite Degez
Journalist La Provence