Online campus and virtual reality: the school of the future has arrived

Nicolas Chalon
December 5, 2023

Source: Le Parisien Étudiant

Virtual reality (VR) is also set to grow in importance. "The interest of immersion in VR is to create emotion and to touch the reality of a professional situation," describes Pedro Abrantes.

These educational innovations have been in the works for a long time; the health crisis gave them a big boost. Synchronous (the whole class connects at the same time) or asynchronous (each student connects at his or her own pace and at his or her own pace) distance learning courses have become daily practice. Even back in the classroom, a whole part of the training will now be done online, to varying degrees.

Virtual reality is coming

But innovation goes even further. GEM (Grenoble School of Management) has laid the foundation stone for its virtual campus, which will open at the end of 2022. [Read the full article in French]

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