Virtual Reality FAQ

Stimulate your senses through 360° immersion

What is Virtual Reality ?

Virtual Reality, VR, Metaverse… Many words define it but what does it actually mean? Virtual reality is an immersive technology that simulates reality with computer-generated 3D content. Even more powerful than cinema or books, this technology lets you live the experience as if you were there! Sounds, lights, textures and more: VR appeals to your senses and stimulates your emotions.
Note: VR is different from augmented reality, which enriches reality by adding 2D and 3D elements.

Immersion dans un autre univers en réalité virtuelle
Casque de réalité virtuelle Oculus Quest 2 x Wixar

How does
Virtual Reality work ?

Two components are essential when talking about VR. The most obvious being the virtual reality headset. It allows the user to be immersed in the world that has been created. Simply adjust the VR headset and grasp the two joysticks to take control of the experience! In other words, this device lets you interact with the projected environment. The second component is the software that lets you build the immersive experiences. And that is where WiXar comes in!

What about WiXar
in all this ?

WiXar is the must-have solution that allows you to create immersive experiences on your own. Our teams work hard to offer you no-code software that is as easy to use as a game console. Designing your project becomes child's play! And it all boils down to 4 key steps:

  • Don't be afraid of the blank page ! WiXar offers a wide range of templates to get you started.
  • Import your 360° media into the VR Studio
  • Script your content by adding interactions (from a proposed catalogue).
  • Publish the experience and invite employees to have a go!

You can then track their progress and even interact with them during the experience! And on top of that, you can also create your experience while wearing the virtual reality headset. With WiXar, there is no room for guesswork. Save time by seeing the rendering in real time!

Note: If you prefer to create your VR project on a computer, you can... But it will be less fun!

Formation détection de zones à risque en réalité virtuelle
La réalité virtuelle en entreprise

How does WiXar use VR?

Virtual Reality enables you to faithfully reproduce the workplace:

  • Onboarding: Give your employees the opportunity to meet their colleagues through a virtual tour, share your company's values with them through a face-to-face presentation, and more.
  • Recruitment: Evaluate your candidates’ soft and hard skills using virtual situations, and add scripted incidents to practise risk management and ensure everyone’s safety.
  • Training: Enable your current and future employees to improve their skills. This is a quick and efficient way to adapt to new regulations!


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