Why Immersive Digital Learning?

You want to create impactful and unique training courses?
Try learning by doing in virtual reality and design your immersive experiences
quickly and easily with WiXar!

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Why Virtual Reality?

Learning by doing in virtual reality, the key to efficiency!

Enhance engagement

The engagement is
multiplied by 8

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Simulate real-life situations

Allow the learner to make mistakes without risk or cost

Encourage autonomy

Give the learner the keys to understanding in order to make him/her autonomous

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Evaluate effectiveness

Evaluate the effectiveness of the learner's actions via unique and complete analytics

Save countless hours of design and development and ship performant sites with killer looks.

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WiXar addresses two key issues

Onboarding and training performance:

Better involvement and commitment of the employee in the organization.

Modernization of organizations :

Accelerated digital transformation to meet new employee needs and lifestyles.

The Benefits Of
Learning in Virtual Reality  

In terms of modernization of organizations:

Entrainement et formation en réalité virtuelle en entreprise

Virtual reality is transforming learning and accelerating modernization within companies to make them more competitive.

• Making training attractive
• Democratize on-site training
• Harmonize the content of the training provided
• Reduce training costs
• Enhance the value of the professions

What Is The Purpose?

Solutions that cover the entire employee career path!

Achieve successfully your first immersive training project

Asking the right questions upstream of the project.
Be relevant to the target. Will they be receptive?
Don't try to do everything or say too much during a training session.
Choose the appropriate experts to support you every step of the way.
Choose the right design tools connected to your ecosystem
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How to get started?

Basically, the training designer has two main parameters to consider:


The degree of autonomy to create and manage its immersive training.


The degree of personalization of the content desired.

Our tips to get started:
You have a small budget?

2 possible choices:

SAAS Do it Yourself

You want to contextualize the training? Start with no code saas software.

Off-The-Shelf Trainings

Choose off-the-shelf training at least to test the modalities.

Customizable (to a certain extent)

Less expensive

LMS included and data export 

White label not always possible 

False no code 

No scripting assistance

The "turnkey" Solution

To perfectly balance autonomy and contextualization

To get started, choose WiXar's "Turnkey" solution that will fully realize your immersive training projects. You will go faster and avoid beginner mistakes.

From this phase on, you will be in control of all projects thanks to the SaaS management tool.

Then, once the first experiences are successfully completed, you will be able to become fully autonomous and realize many training courses by yourself!

No code and quick to deploy

Scripting assistance and adaptive template 

Technical support and content available

White label

Customized features on demand 

Training for 1 to 2 days 

Don't have budget concerns?

100% custom-made!

Custom-made via an agency

Choose the agency option that will do everything
for you and save you time.

The downside is that you will still need to have a large budget because the modifications are expensive.

Adapted features

Contextualized training

A la carte data feedback

Costs (the ++ high of the BM)

Costly changes and agency dependency

Time saving

Start creating
with WiXar

Immersive digital training created quickly and easily with WiXar!
  • Add your 360° content and gamify your videos in minutes (a media catalog, templates and interactions are already available). 
  • All you have to do is customize it in a few minutes and your experience is online!
  • We only ask one thing, be creative!
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