Press Release 2024

WiXar launches Revolutionary AI Features for Immersive Virtual Reality Training

Station F, Paris, April 30, 2024 -
WiXar, a key player in nocode software dedicated to immersive and collaborative training, is proud to announce today, after two years of intensive research and development, the launch of new artificial intelligence features.

These innovations reinforce our commitment to personalizing and transforming the learning experience, underlining our continued technological leadership in the immersive educational technology sector.

New features :

360° Content Generative AI:
This feature enables designers to generate 360° content on the fly, accelerating the design phase and quadrupling efficiency compared to other tools.

AI Avatar Bot (Beta):
Enables natural-language conversation with an AI based on a precise corpus of documentation, responding pertinently and in real time to learners' questions.

Spatial Computing:
Our "spatial content creation tool", unprecedented on the authoring tools market, enables direct 360° design, cutting design time by a factor of four and enabling live testing with other collaborators and learners.WiXar will be announcing further AI-based innovations during 2024 that will further accelerate the designer's ability to rapidly create hundreds of effective and engaging immersive training courses.

WiXar, a totally Innovative NoCode Solution including:

Adaptive Learning Paths:
Learning paths adapt to user behavior, offering unprecedented personalization.
Catalog of immersive training scenarios
Available as templates for reuse or off-the-shelf.
3D environments and Avatars:
Easy integration of 3D environments and rapid avatar creation via our partnership with Ready Player Me.
Private Metavers:
Generate your own training-dedicated Metavers in just a few clicks.
Enriched Performance Analysis:
Immediate feedback for continuous adaptation.
Real-time Voice Interaction and Collaboration:
For increased immersion and collective learning.

Serving Human Resources:
WiXar offers powerful solutions for recruitment, training and integration, using VR to simulate professions and secure training on technical and relational skills.

User testimonials:
"Thanks to WiXar's AI, our training will become more tailored and engaging than ever." - Claire Dubois, HR Director at InnovTech.
"The personalized experience really helped me to understand the Carpenter's trade more effectively in its human and not just technical dimensions." - Kevin Lepage, Apprentice.

Launch details:
The official launch will take place on May 22 at Vivatechnology, Stand L13.
A live demonstration will be available to all registered participants.

Press contacts:

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About WiXar: Launched in 2020 in Aix-en-Provence, and present at Paris Station F, WiXar is the platform of choice for creating immersive virtual reality learning experiences, combining technology and humanity to transform education and professional training.