WiXar: the most advanced no-code Saas on the market

Spatial Computing and AI for Immersive Learning
Immersive learning en réalité virtuelle

Introduction to Spatial computing

WiXar is a software suite with:
- An online project management dashboard where you can find everything you need to create, manage and monitor projects and users.
- A creation studio designed to personalize the experience in an ultra-efficient, no-code and spatialized way: everything is done directly in 360°, using the "Spatial Content Creation Tool", which speeds up the trial-and-error process and saves precious design time (the only innovation of its kind in the world).

Easily create and publish your interactive immersive content.

WiXar is the no-code SaaS tool that makes it easy for training creators to get started, without technical knowledge. User-friendliness is central to the designer's user experience.
- Getting started? Draw from our catalog of 360° content and templates. All you have to do is customize it in just a few minutes, and your experience is online!
- If you want to use 3D environments, integrate them directly into WiXar.
- Use the new generative AI to create your 360° content
- Add 360° content and gamify your videos in just a few minutes (over 30 types of interaction are available).
- Publish content easily and distribute it via our Mdm Hub.

    WiXar, a factory for generating off-line white-label applications.

    At WiXar’s core is a combination of Adaptive-Learning, deeptech, and AI all in one tool, so you can generate your own catalogue of white-label experiences. WiXar enables you to generate on-the-fly connected applications on multiple devices at the same time.

    An immersive collaborative mode from design to use in distance learning

    - Designers work together in the WiXar Design Studio, live all over the world.
    - And when it comes to training delivery, welcome to immersive distance learning.
    - For example, welcome a new employee to an immersive collaborative game and immediately create a sense of belonging...even when working from home!
    - All the features are there: avatars expressing emotions, live multi-platform access, meeting rooms.Welcome to your private and secure HR metaverse.

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    Why WiXar ?

    Virtual reality at your fingertips

    Creative tool. Intuitive & no code.
    No need to be a specialist:  easy to create and update.

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    Fully customisable to your needs

    To generate interest, talk to your audience about themselves.Full contextualisation.

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    Create your
    projects quickly

    Thanks to the automated
    main scripting functions

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    Fully scalable

    Manage and clone projects in minutes, get feedback from thousands of users in a few clicks, and more

    Save countless hours of design and development and ship performant sites with killer looks.

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    Main features
    of WiXar SaaS

    Watch it

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    Enrich 3D content with 3D objects, text, and 2D video. Add any type of content to improve engagement.

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    Catch it

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    Focus the user's attention by asking them to 'catch' particular elements in 3D content. 95% of users search and engage.

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    Say it


    Voice recognition is a valuable asset in VR, both for the creator and the end user. The AI tool enables the creation of virtual conversations.

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    Answer it


    All types of quizzes can be customised as much as you like. Whether text or photo quizzes, calibrate your questions to ensure your messages are understood.

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    Detect it


    Set traps and ask users to detect compliant or non-compliant areas. Also analyse how accurately your learner follows processes.

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    Score it


    Evaluate your learners by adding a score to their answers. Data can be consulted later in the WiXar web editor or exported to your LMS.

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    Logiciel ultilisable sur tous les supports numériques dont les casques de réalité virtuelle

    Designed for all screens

    Because not everyone has a Virtual Reality headset (even though that's where the benefits of immersive learning are best), your immersive experiences are accessible on all screens: PC, Mac and mobile (Android and iOS).

    Even if you're in a place without an internet connection, our product still works!

      Exportable analytics data

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      - Manage your projects on the WiXar LMS: create your experiences and invite your employees and learners using a comprehensive, unique dashboard.
      - The data is macro and/or individualized and allows you to closely assess your learners by identifying what is easy or hard for them.
      - And if you want to integrate WiXar in your LMS, you can automatically download your data.

      Off-the-shelf solutions

      • WiXar Content: off-the-shelf training (via our partners)
      • HR Metaverse for your company (customised solution via our partners)
      • Smart VR Recruitment (tailor-made solution via our partners)
      • Train the trainer
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