Viva technologie 2021

4 days, 500 exhibitors, 13,000 start-ups

For its 1st trade show around technological innovation in 2021, WiXar was present for this new edition, in phygital (both physical and digital, so )! This year, WiXar was lucky enough to be selected by the South Region to present its solution to the general public, alongside the world's biggest technological players.

A real pleasure to be able to network again, in physical form, and to discover outstanding innovations.

Matthieu Rivière, Chief Creative Officer of WiXar, tells us how he felt about this 5th edition of the trade show: "For me, this is THE reference trade show for technological innovation in France. Our expectations were to be informed of technological trends and to be inspired by them. The objective is also to highlight our solutions to a target audience at the cutting edge. We wanted to exchange with contacts who are as capable of having a constructive critical eye as they are of wanting to adopt our tool. It's so good to see people again and to talk about projects. Even if the number of visitors was drastically reduced, the profiles were more targeted, more mature about their needs... And so it was more relevant for us. "

It was the opportunity to discover WiXar in demo!

For this occasion, WiXar was able to present the great benefits of Immersive Learning Collaborative in a demo. Benjamin ATLANI, the CEO, tells us more about it:

"We were able to present our "Escape Game" template that allows a new recruit freshly arrived in a company to understand, in only 5 minutes, the meaning and values of this company. This game is presented in the form of an onboarding, and can be done in collaboration with colleagues to guide the learner. The learner undergoes an evaluation system that allows him to know if he has successfully completed his onboarding or not. The demo made an impact and allowed us to get relevant feedback and to modify the experience in real time according to the feedback. It was very important to be able to exchange again in this way"

This new edition ofViVa Technology marks the resumption of the exhibition season for WiXar. We don't intend to stop here, with the Laval Virtual show from July 7th to 9th.

You can also meet us at the Solution RH trade show in September. Read our review of Laval Virtual 2021

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