Virtual reality: ATALIAN agents trained through games, using the WiXar tool

WiXar, a collaborative Immersive Learning platform, and ATALIAN, one of the French leaders in outsourcing services to companies, are collaborating on an educational and fun project for Hospital Service Workers (ASH), a public often far from the training field.

WiXar's ambition is to make attractive jobs in tension by offering training based on emotion thanks to virtual reality. WiXar is a no-code SaaS tool for creating immersive learning experiences in virtual reality. The training courses generated by WiXar simulate professional situations to facilitate the acquisition of skills in a work situation, in an accessible and pleasant universe for all. Ergonomics is at the center of the learner's user experience. It is an interactive approach that engages learners in their learning and meets neuro-pedagogical expectations. It makes them "spect-actors" of the training. They can make decisions, test themselves, make mistakes and try again until they acquire the right reflexes. On the trainer's side, WiXar allows quick feedbacks to alert on possible acquisition gaps in relation to the reference frameworks and help to prioritize learning.

Technicity, adaptability and results

In 2022, ATALIAN has selected WiXar to meet its training needs for its teams working in the hospital sector. Hospital Service Agents are an integral part of the infectious risk control chain in hospitals, and participate in the well-being of the patient throughout his care. Intervening from the hospital lobby to the protected areas and the "White Room", their role is essential, although socially little recognized. The absence of the realization of their services of cleanliness can lead to critical situations for the hospitals. Consequently, one of ATALIAN's objectives is to maintain the activity and deliver it at all costs, systematically taking into account the specificities of the field. For ATALIAN, several imperatives had to be taken into account: to be able to train its agents in a more fun way in a continuous and almost autonomous way, to adapt the training to the establishment where the agent works on a daily basis, to justify the level of competence of its employees to guarantee a high level of service in the securing of the patient's journey.

A collaborative project

For several weeks, WiXar's teams, the Innovation Department and ATALIAN's Health Markets Department collaborated on the creation of an immersive course for ASHs, to train them and help them progress: choice of the site and search for volunteers to participate in this experience, choice of the scenario, definition of the messages to be conveyed, definition of the questions to be asked to evaluate the level, writing of a 3D scenario, filming and editing of the course by WiXar. Eventually, ATALIAN's objective is to become autonomous in order to produce the film and the editing necessary to create a scenario adapted to the needs and expectations of the establishment (attitudes of services, biocleaning of risk zones 4, blanking, ....).

The scenario co-produced by WiXar and ATALIAN places the ASH in their own role, in their real workplace. Thanks to the virtual reality headset, they have to identify by themselves the risk areas, choose the right tool to disinfect them and perform the biocleaning while respecting an impeccable service attitude. The emotion generated by the immersive experience allows the creation of powerful memory anchors.

The training is based on several items: the valorization of the ASH Cleaning profession by using training techniques initially intended for industrial engineers and doctors, the traceability of know-how, the repetition of gestures and procedures and the monitoring of practices. It allows the knowledge and experience of the agents to be compared with good and best practices. It also allows for reactive training, rapid information, experience transfer and the dissemination of positive practices at any time.

ASH agents training in virtual reality

Reenchanting training

Virtual reality transforms training time into an entertaining experience where play and learning are no longer antinomic but rather complementary. This format stimulates agents' curiosity and ensures that their attention is maintained. Moreover, all the immersive training modules proposed by WiXar are meant to be accessible to all audiences, in particular to populations with a low level of education, or with a low level of fluency in French. Images, diagrams and oral language are privileged.

"Training is not reserved for certain professions. With WiXar, we want to reenchant training. We want to offer people who were previously far from it the best tools to progress, consolidate their hard skills and develop their soft skills. Benjamin Atlani, CEO of WiXar.

"The ATALIAN Group, in partnership with WIXAR, a publisher of immersive training software in real conditions, has developed an innovative learning module for hospital service agents. This approach allows, in addition to the so-called "standard" training in the health field, to facilitate the assimilation of data for the learner and thus to improve the professionalization of our teams. Our desire is to offer our employees fun and empowering training solutions to both support them more effectively in their skills development and to guarantee our clients the mastery of our teams' know-how in the field." Jean Baptiste LAVAL, ATALIAN's Director of Healthcare Markets

To date, 2 other sectors at ATALIAN are being equipped with the WiXar solution.

Some data on the impact of training and knowledge acquisition

Based on 30 ASHs :

91.7% Relevance of the experience for learning new skills

91.7% Level of satisfaction with the new learning modality

87.5 in favor of other virtual reality training



About WiXar

WiXar, the 1st collaborative Virtual Reality Learning Platform. Thanks to its unique scripting engine, resulting from 3 years of R&D, WiXar has simplified all processes and allows anyone to create immersive learning experiences in minutes without coding and at a lower cost. WiXar is a solution to recruitment issues, but also to training and onboarding issues (risk hunting, situation games, onboarding, skills validation...). Respecting the rules of physical distance, accessibility to several people in real time to design and follow the training, WiXar brings you into the 'FuturofWork' through its collaborative features totally new on the market. Wixar wants to revolutionize training, by betting on collaborative intelligence.


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