Alexia BORG from BFM Business & DLM News interviews Benjamin Atlani from WiXar

During the Learning Technologies trade show in Paris on May 19, Alexia Borg of BFM Business & DLM News, to which we express our thanks, interviewed Benjamin Atlani, CEO of Wixar, about his immersive learning solution.

In this interview, Benjamin reveals the benefits of WiXar via virtual reality for the entire HR process.

Alexia Borg: We're going to talk about collaborative and immersive learning obviously. This is one of the main themes of the show.

WiXar, a company from Marseille that I am very happy to interview today...

Hello! So what do you do today at WiXar?

Benjamin Atlani : Hello! Actually, WiXar is a software that is used to create immersive learning trainings very easily. It is the simplest, easiest and fastest tool to do this.

A. Borg: So it's virtual reality immersion?

B. Atlani: Exactly! We advocate the virtual reality headset because it is the tool that brings the strongest cognitive effects.

A. Borg: Right. And does the metaverse already exist for you? You are already communicating on this subject, aren't you?

B. Atlani: Absolutely! WiXar is a concrete metaverse. In fact, companies can create their own worlds with our tool. This directly concerns Human Resources for their recruitment, onboarding and training objectives. People can also meet, talk, interact thanks to avatars in the company metaverse.

A. Borg: Right. And here on the screen, we are on the quai de la Joliette in Marseille? :D

B. Atlani: Yes, we're not far from there. :D

Actually, here we are in a rather industrial training program and we see the design tool directly in VR. It is really a specificity of our tool. In fact, you design directly in VR and that saves a lot of time.

A. Borg: Thank you very much Benjamin!

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