A VR experience created in 2 hours with WiXar!

The metaverse was on everyone's lips during this 2022 edition of Viva Technologies, Europe's largest technology trade show that took place from June 15 to 18. Many tech leaders presented their innovations and solutions related to virtual reality. We expected it, after all.

However, we are still wondering about the uses of this technology. The latter remains quite problematic in terms of the number of difficulties and the level of computer skills it requires. Indeed, when we look at the innovations and solutions in virtual reality in the context of training, we notice that the offers do not meet the needs of speed, ease of use and autonomy... WiXar, on the other hand, meets these challenges!

With WiXar, you save time for improving the design of your training

Thanks to an optimized UX and UI, WiXar opens the door to training designers who want to go fast, very fast. This time saving offers many advantages especially in terms of test and learn. The tool allows you to start very quickly to get feedback from the learners, the objective being to continuously improve the training. To put it simply, with WiXar you will have:

  • Virtual reality at your fingertips
  • Your projects customizable to your needs
  • Your projects created quickly thanks to the automation of the main scripting functions.
  • Immersive experiences deployable on a large scale. You will be able to manage and clone projects in minutes

Create an immersive experience in only 2 hours

We are at the 1st day of VivaTech, Adil and Marc-Michel from the Wixar team wanted to create a VR experience, consisting in quickly finding our booth in the show. From the shooting to the publication in the software, including the addition of interactions, all the work was done in only 2 short hours!

This scenario of location can be done in a warehouse, a factory, on a security training for example.

What's the point of going fast?

✅Reduce costs

✅To test and readjust easily (accelerated test and learn)

How does WiXar save time? Through unique features:

  • Pre-designed scenarios to make your job easier
  • A VR design studio for you to design easily and quickly
  • Multi-user mode to collaborate in real time with your colleagues wherever they are.

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