WiXar deploys the 1st training workshop for training designers

On Thursday, October 6, 2022, the first training workshop "Creating your first Immersive Learning scenario" was held at the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie, in Paris. A new training for training designers, which combines theory and practice. Our ambition: to make the creation of your first immersive training module concrete.

And for this, we have developed a dedicated program. At the end of this day, you will leave with all the keys to define the relevance of immersive learning according to your needs, as well as the best solutions for building this type of experience in Virtual Reality.

3 speakers, 3 workshops

This training was articulated in 3 workshops, led by 3 speakers with complementary expertise:    

  👉 David ROBLIN, educational engineer specialized in immersive learning

  👉 Matthieu RIVIERE, storyteller and designer of immersive learning experiences

  👉 Benjamin ATLANI, trainer and expert in virtual reality and immersive learning 

Discover below the 3 essential steps to succeed in your first Virtual Reality training:

I. Pedagogical engineering

Teaching, that’s your job! But how to integrate and adapt your expertise to this new immersive tool? David ROBLIN guided the learners' reflection by addressing the following points:   

   👉 Defining the contributions of immersive learning

   👉 Identifying the changes to consider between the so-called "traditional" training and the immersive training in Virtual Reality

   👉 Determining the characteristics of immersive learning

   👉 Building an effective and measurable immersive learning project

II. 360° video recording

One of the strengths of immersive learning in Virtual Reality is to transport learners into a real environment. Sound background, noise of the machines, and other interactions... the immersion by the 360° video is total! 

The step behind the camera is therefore inevitable. From the scripting of your shots, to the editing and filming, Matthieu RIVIERE will show you what equipment to choose and how to use it without any pre-requisite skills.

It's child's play!

III. Spatial computing

You have surely heard of gamification. One major advantage of Virtual Reality for training is that it brings a playful side to your modules. 

Why ? 

🧠 The human brain retains information better and in the long term

👀 The learner's attention is greatly increased

📈 Interactions allow you to measure the learner's evolution

Led by Benjamin ATLANI, this last workshop gives you the basics to design your immersive training directly in a Virtual Reality headset and make your project a reality.

Are you interested in this training?

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