WiXar is accelerating, see you at Viva Tech!

From June 15th to 18th, in Paris, the biggest European event dedicated to startups and technologies will take place. Viva Technologies is THE meeting place for tech enthusiasts and leaders, startups, companies, investors to celebrate innovation. Since its launch in 2016, the event brings together the major actors of tech for a unique experience combining inspiration, networking and innovation showcase. WiXar, the complete platform for immersive and collaborative virtual reality learning, will therefore obviously be present for a very specific purpose: to press the accelerator.

Opportunities to catch at Viva Tech

This 6th edition is definitely an opportunity to take a look at the French Tech, the young French digital companies. As a reference, more than 3 billion euros had been raised by French startups like Doctolib, over the whole of 2018. WiXar, a concrete metaverse dedicated to HR, wants to boost its growth and can go even further with investors. It's definitely time to accelerate.

Investing in a high-potential SAAS startup is the opportunity to seize at Viva Tech!

WiXar is addressing many issues and problems. Thanks to its learning by doing solution in Virtual Reality supporting the whole HR process, Benjamin Atlani, CEO & Co-founder, wants to open the way for any company to the HR metaverse.

140,000 visitors, 28,000 startups, 400 speakers...

The figures for 2021 speak for themselves. Renowned speakers, thousands of innovative startups, nearly 150 countries represented... This 6th edition announces a program full of opportunities. By joining us at Viva Tech, you can discover very interesting opportunities related to your needs. WiXar offers you immersive virtual reality solutions, revolutionary and impactful for your business.

How about meeting us?

Throughout the event, you will be able to meet us and discuss about our immersive learning solution. Interested in our business model? We will be able to discuss the opportunities that await us. If you are a company looking for solutions that will impact the performance of your employees, we will be delighted to meet you and give you demos.  Maybe you'll find your own little Aladdin lamp, who knows?

No possibility to be there in person? WiXar will also be on the digital platform!

Just get your ticket and book an appointment with us and you're all set.

📍 Paris Expo - Porte de Versailles

📆 From June 15th to 18th 2022

🕑 We will be there all day long, even at noon if you want to have lunch with us 😉

We'll see you very soon?

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