"Changing The Way We Learn" Through Virtual Reality

Benjamin Atlani, CEO of WiXar, was on the set of B SMART on July 20, 2022. Interviewed by the talented Arnaud Ardoin for the column "bien dans son job", he spoke about the effectiveness of immersive learning in a professional context. An opportunity to raise awareness but also to reassure the most perplexed about the implementation of a closed Metavers. At the heart of all concerns, data protection is a priority at WiXar.

Interview B Smart "Bien dans son Job" on July 20th 2022

A dedicated metaverse to address HR issues

Digital transformation, flexibility, QWL, CSR... these are all challenges facing HR departments. A multi-faceted job whose importance has been (re)demonstrated by the health crisis, forcing to act quickly. WiXar responds to these challenges by offering a virtual reality solution that promotes the involvement and commitment of employees on the one hand. And participates in the modernization of organizations by aligning with the new needs and lifestyles of employees on the other. Learning that is fun", says Benjamin Atlani, before continuing "we learn better and faster".  Virtual reality brings the fun side of serious games, which drastically improves learner engagement. Indeed, "virtual reality gives the learner the feeling of being present", thanks to the capture of 360° images. Simulating life to put learners in a real situation. Learning by doing allows the user to make mistakes without running the slightest risk, thus promoting the most efficient increase in skills.

On the HR side, the benefits are numerous:

👉 Make the company attractive externally

👉 Make the training attractive internally

👉 Harmonize the content of the training

👉 Deploy training on a large scale without collective planning constraints

👉 Reduce costs and time

👉 Enhance the value of professions

👉 Evaluate soft skills

👉 Measure performances thanks to statistical feedback

A "closed metaverse" according to Benjamin Atlani

In an increasingly connected world, data privacy is a real issue. And even a major issue as far as companies are concerned. Indeed, one of the main assets of the training capsules developed by WiXar concerns data. It is therefore essential to reassure companies about their confidentiality and ownership. "We can be sure that the data stays within the company" says Benjamin Atlani. His objective: to establish a climate of trust for employees and companies. Web 3.0 is not a lawless or uncontrolled space, but does comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Data collection is essential. It allows us to measure and analyze user performance. A single glance is enough to identify the achievements and the points of improvement thanks to the graphical and intuitive dashboard made available to HR and trainers. How is this possible? Thanks to the scoring system integrated in the interactions that make up the training capsule.

WiXar: a hybrid tool, accessible to all

WiXar is a software that allows to easily and quickly create immersive experiences. "Virtual reality replaces certain aspects of training," says Benjamin Atlani. A hybrid tool that complements more traditional forms of learning such as face-to-face training or e-learning. "What we offer is a mix where you can have people in the classroom and you can have other people, who are in the same metaverse dedicated to the company, connected anywhere in the world at the same time" explains the CEO of WiXar.  "You can also mix with 3D images and 3D environments, you can do both with the WiXar tool [...] Well scripted it works very well. WiXar is therefore a complete tool that accompanies professionals on the entire HR journey:

✅ Recruitment (profile search - job discovery)

✅ Onboarding (transmission of values - presentation of employees - live my life)

✅ Training (technical & soft skills)

New technologies are undoubtedly the future of work. Tools that accompany HRDs and simplify their daily lives. Far from replacing men and women, they allow them to focus on high value-added missions and assist them in decision making.

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