WiXar is coming out in force at VIVATECH 2024! 🚀

It is with undisguised excitement that we announce WiXar's participation in the must-attend event for technological innovation in Europe: Viva Technology!

With over 150,000 attendees on site and 405,000 virtual last year, VIVATECH is truly the unmissable event where the brightest minds in technology come together to share and inspire.

📍 We look forward to seeing you from May 22 to 25 at HR Lab corner L13!In 2023, no fewer than 174 countries took part, and this year promises to be just as exciting!
WiXar is more than just a platform, it's a revolution in immersive learning!

Our collaborative NO-CODE/IA Immersive Learning platform offers companies the opportunity to explore virtual reality on their own, to simulate and train for a multitude of professional scenarios.Among our unique features:

✨ WiXar, the world's first tool combining #nocode and #IA to create spatial content, dividing design time by 4.

✨ Real-time collaboration, merging the 3D universe with interactive 360° videos.

But that's not all! We're proud to announce that at VIVATECH, we'll be unveiling two brand-new features, based on generative AI, specially designed for designers and end-users.
Come and preview these revolutionary advances that will shape the future of immersive learning!

With WiXar, you can optimize your business processes, facilitate the transmission of know-how and minimize risks for your employees.

Join us at VIVATECH and immerse yourself in the future of work with WiXar!

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